My name is Sahan Danura Thenuwara and I am a young professional in the world of finance. I recently graduated with my M.Sc. in Finance. During these unprecedented times (during the lockdown), I spent some time on YouTube (ok a lot!). I saw a lot of videos of people talking about how they express themselves using Medium. I have always loved to write and I realized that given that I have more time, I should pursue my passion.

This small project is going to be called “Armchair Banker”. I called this because I will be sitting from the comfort of my home writing about geopolitics, global economics, finance, and world markets. I will also once in a while talk about other topics.

Since I was a kid, I loved maps. I loved looking at maps and seeing how the world connects (that is why one of my all-time favorite board games is Risk). This love for maps and interest in countries had made me be a geopolitics geek. This love for geopolitics made me study more about the international economy. As a finance grad student and an analyst at my university’s student-run endowment fund, my love for finance forever increased.

I hope you all learn a lot about what is going on in the world. I also hope you can make some money and learn about investing. But please keep in mind that this is only for information purposes and please consult a professional before engaging in any investment activity. I am not a registered investment advisor. My articles are aimed at both the individual (or amateur) and professional investment communities. I hope you enjoy my readings and please give me a clap, leave a comment, and share my articles.

Thank you and stay safe!

Passionate about finance, investing, crypto, tech, and what’s happening in the world. Life long learner.

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