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The biggest SPAC deal is on its way. Grab Holdings, the parent company of Grab Taxi, is planning to go public through merging with Silicon Valley investor and founder and CIO of Altimeter Capital Brad Gerstner’s SPAC Altimeter Growth Capital ($ACG). This deal is supposed to be worth $40 billion making it the largest SPAC deal ever.

This deal is truly remarkable in many ways. It has all of your usual SPAC features which include a big-time investor and the target company being an innovative technology company. It is backed by one of the biggest investors in Silicon Valley Brad…

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Michael Burry came to fame thanks to the book and later movie The Big Short. He was one of the few investors who saw the 2008 housing market crash coming and shorted the whole housing market. While many mainstream academics, economists, and even Wall Street did not see the crash coming, few traders made a killing off the collapse of the housing crash, and Michael Burry was one of those traders.

Michael Burry has been on another winning trade this year. While many big hedge funders were short GameStop Michael Burry was long on the brick and mortar retailer. Michael…

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Bitcoin shot up in price after news came out that Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. This was a game-changer for the cryptocurrency as Tesla was willing to hold Bitcoin in its Treasury. Telsa made more money buying BTC than selling cars last quarter. Many finance and business titans are also getting into Bitcoin. Two legendary macro investors Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller have both praised Bitcoin. Stanley Druckenmiller has purchased Bitcoin as part of his portfolio. Paul Tudor Jones has compared Bitcoin to gold in the 1970s. He also mentioned that investing in Bitcoin is akin to…

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During the last few days we all saw how hedge fund billionaires got trolled by retail traders and lost billions of dollars by shorting companies like GameStop. This was truly one of the most iconic moments in financial markets history. Melvin Capital’s loss on GameStop and other shorts is now the sixth largest trading loss in Wall Street history.

While many short sellers are covering their positions and have stopped publishing company short-seller reports, one research firm is still going strong and being brave. Hinderburg Research recently called out SPAC King Chamath Palihapitiya’s Clover Health ($CLOV). Hindenburg Research accused the…

and why GameStop should buy Bitcoin

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Last week was a crazy week for the markets, to say the least. The retail bros were back to troll Wall Street. But this time, their victims were some of the biggest names on Wall Street. Hedge Funders like Ken Griffin, Steve Cohen, and Point72 (Steven Cohen’s fund) alumnus Gabe Plotkin.

Now wallstreetbets Redditors are claiming more victims and short squeezing more stocks. The retail traders are trading AMC, BlackBerry, Nokia, and Blackberry. More big hedge funds are getting hurt. MapleLane Capital has lost 33% thanks to its high amount of shorts. Daniel Sundheim’s hedge fund D1 Capital, which was…

We are not talking about these kinds of trolls. Image Courtesy: Variety

There was once getting Rick Rolled, then came Twitter, and now the Robinhooders are going at it.

Robinhooders dominated the stock market during the pandemic and turned the market into candy crush. I guess nothing will change in 2021. The big news out of the finance world this week is the rise of Gamestop stock and the fight between traders on the infamous wallstreetbets Reddit group and hedge fund managers. Basically, a bunch of retail traders (or bros) gave hedge funds a good run for their money. Wall Street got trolled again.

It has been a tough time for short-sellers…

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Every year, millions of people hit sin city to gamble, enjoy the nightlife, and release their inner “demon”. It has been every spring breakers’, fun lovers’, gamblers’, and soon to be husbands’ and wives’ dream destination. It is also the 4th most visited city by international tourists in North America. But is Vegas losing its mojo?

This is not the first time Vegas has gone through turmoil. The 2008 financial crisis was a disaster for the resort/gambling town. The city went through a building spree in the early 2000s thanks to low-interest rates and easy money that poured into real…

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The world is changing right in front of our eyes. The COVID-19 pandemic has only fast-tracked many of these trends. One big trend is Artificial Intelligence.

According to venture capitalist and AI expert Kai-Fu Lee, AI is going to displace 40% of jobs around the world. Many jobs that are repetitive and predictable are likely to be replaced by AI. The jobs that will remain will require a high level of creativity, emotional intelligence, engineering and technical, and people skills.

Creativity to the Rescue

As many jobs will be done by robots, it is the creative ones that will make…

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As 2020 comes to an end, this year will go down in history thanks to COVID-19. 2020 will also be remembered for many geopolitical, cultural, and societal realignments. This pandemic will also accelerate many technology trends that were already on their way. As a finance, markets, and tech enthusiast, one of the biggest trends was the rise of the millennial and Generation Z traders who flocked to Robinhood (also known as the “Robinhood Bros”) and how they turned the “stonk” market into Candy Crush.

Robinhood was definitely one of the most revolutionary technology unicorns. Robinhood is also the most game-changing…

Macerich owned mall Tysons Corner. Image Courtesy: Visit Fairfax

The COVID vaccine is being distributed to hospitals faster than predicted. Many cities and states are already starting to open up. Many, including myself, predict that around March society will begin to normalize. As society normalizes and the economy reopens, many investors are betting on sectors like travel, shopping, dining, and tourism. These sectors got battered due to the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the year 2020 will definitely be in the history books. This pandemic has changed our lives. Some things will come back to normal while others will never be the same. Some business trends, that were already…

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